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classic car transportOwning a classic car is a valuable possession. Older cars that have enough historical interest to be collectable are considered to be classic cars. Because of the historical value, these cars need to be preserved, and many people pay a lot of money to restore them instead of completely scrapping them.

Because of the care that needs to be taken when handling the classic car, you will need to contact a classic car transportation service who understands that care and safety is a priority.


What to Look for in a Classic Car Transporter

The best way to find the best classic car transportation services is to make a search online. Searching for a transportation service for a classic car is a lot easier online, than through other sources because it is such a specialist service. When you are looking for a company, you will need to think about your needs and what you expect from a good car transport company. Some of the factors you need to take into account are:

The type of vehicles – Many car transport companies cover multiple types of vehicles, however general car delivery is not the same as classic car delivery. Find out whether they cover specifically the delivery of classic cars to make sure that you are going to an expert.

Insurance – Since classic cars need to be handled with care, a large concern for classic car an owner is the long journey, which can put the vehicle in a vulnerable position if there is no protection or cover used. A good classic car transporter will have the correct insurance to make sure you are compensated if any damages do occur.

Safeways have £60k goods and transit insurance cover, so you will be sure to  get your classic car delivered safely.

The driver – Before you get your classic car classic car transportationtransported, you should talk to the driver of the delivery vehicle about the route they will be taking, the departure time and approximate arrival time. You should also confirm the location to make sure that the car will be bought to the right place. A good car transporter will give you reassurance that they will deliver your car safely and on time. They will also make certain that the car arrives in the same condition it was collected in.



Hiring a car delivery service that specialises in classic car transport is the best option when deciding on a transport company for classic cars. Choosing a classic car transport company with experienced classic car movers will guarantee the successful delivery and collection of your classic car. At Safeways we guarantee to get your classic car to the required destination safely and on time for a competitive price.

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